Expert Computer Repair

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In the twelve years we have been doing computer repair in Thunder Bay area, we have earned the trust of our clients and a reputation for quick and expert computer repairs on all windows systems. Our system of repairs and upgrades are always directed toward increasing your system's life and usability rather than simply advising the purchase of a new commuter. We do this by installing and/or configuring software for the way the client actually uses the computer rather than the focusing on up sales as has become more and more often the norm today.

Our computer repairs are fast, but just as important is the fact that once repairs are done, we set up system security then add and configure a suite of utilities to help you avoid repair issues in the future.

Some of the things that make us stand out from the rest of the shops in the area are listed below:


  • We never charge more than one hour shop time.
  • We never charge for diagnostics.
  • We back up your files and once repairs are completed, replace them in their original locations.
  • We never place a mark up on parts.
  • If your computer is beyond repair there is no charge.
  • We will let you know if the repair is not cost effective i.e. if the repair is going to cost more than the computer is actually worth..

What computer repair always should be is of course problem resolution and then through implementation of software, a computer can be protected from 80% of the things that commonly go wrong. Backing that up should be phone support. Ours is free for the life of the computer repaired.

What Computer repair isn't...

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Custom Computers

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We custom build gaming systems that are faster, more powerful and of better quality than about any off the shelf 'gaming system' you can buy at the big outlets or Online. Each system we build is specifically designed for the client with components that are chosen to last not just for the standard two years but for at least seven years and beyond.

Gaming Platforms

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Gaming systems, much like formula-1 cars are for the auto industry, the best way of trying out the latest innovations as well as the very newest technological advancements related. Like anything else, new technology brings with it new language and hardware. Too often new gamers find that down the road that expensive purchase, the system they have paid so dearly for is short in many ways they could have avoided had they simply known more about what it takes to make a good gaming platform as well as understanding the relationships between certain motherboards and video cards, video cards and monitors, what hard drives are better, to RAID or not to RAID etc...


Day Trading Systems

alt textDaily on-line we see $10,000 day trading computer systems advertised by big outfits in major cities and astonishingly enough, people are actually buying them.

Unlike those outfits, Wolfbytez is a small company in a relatively small community.

We know our clients by their first names and we build those high end systems for them, usually for less than half of what it would cost them to buy a comparable system from New York or Toronto or Chicago.

Web Design

The image below depicts some of the many devices available today by which people are accessing the INTERNET. alt text

If your web presence is confined to the size of screens found only on desktops and laptops, your site is being missed by over half of the surfing web population.

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The fact is that today 61% of the web pages available are being seen on smaller hand held devices.


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Today there are so many more devices with which to view web content that if you have a business and you want it to be accessible via the Web, you have to have a web site that can be viewed and interacted with by all of them.

And If you cannot connect with them via the devices they're using...alt text

...they probably won't be connecting with you...

If you're in Calgary Alberta call Duck Toes -- Phone 403-219-3031